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LI77 Member Posts: 68

I wasn’t sure which thread to post this on, and I didn’t see one specific to the topic.

Have any of you had DVT’s? I’m freaking out somewhat.

On Wednesday morning, I noticed my left leg was swollen when I put pants on and they were tight on my left calf. It was swollen and felt tight, but no pain, discoloration, etc. I did notice that my left calf was a bit sore when doing my daily walk on Tuesday, but pushed through it. I called my MO’s office and they told me to get it checked out because it could be a blood clot.

I spent seven and a half hours at the ER. They did an ultrasound, which found “deep venous thrombosis in the left superficial femoral, popliteal, peroneal, and posterial tibial veins.” So I have four DVT’s. They gave me a shot of Lovenox and I’m on Eliquis. I had to stop taking Celebrex, which has been helping with pain and joint aches, so I’m extra sore now

So now I’m kind of freaking out. I read somewhere that DVT’s can be associated with progression, and can be associated with the liver. My liver levels are normal. I was somewhat sedentary in late February/March after I fractured L2, but since then have been pretty active. I did have an oophorectomy three weeks ago, but I can’t imagine it would be related.I’m 45, active, not obese, not a smoker…I don’t have any of the typical risk factors. I guess I’m just wondering if this is common with MBC? I’m on Ibrance and Letrozole, with bone only mets. I’m also wondering for those of you that have had this, what should I be doing (besides walking around frequently)? This is bad, right? Ugh. I’ll discuss with my MO at my appointment on the 26th, but I guess I just need reassurance or something, I don’t know.


  • LI77
    LI77 Member Posts: 68

    No one???

  • dutchiris
    dutchiris Member Posts: 783

    Yes, I had a DVT in my right leg last January. I also had a small pulmonary embolism from it. I am now on Xarelto indefinitely. Ispent one night in the hospital with a heparin IV. I don't remeber any limitations after I was released.

  • spookiesmom2
    spookiesmom2 Member Posts: 11

    I had multiple DVT and PE at the same time, waaaaay before cancer. 3 days in hospital. Sent home with lovenox. Currently on Coumadin. Your Dr will probably put you on a blood thinner. The newer ones don’t require monthly blood draws like Coumadin. They did install a vena cava filter in my groin, it’s still there.

    I don’t remember any restrictions, but do remember the bruises from lovenox.

  • sondraf
    sondraf Member Posts: 1,489

    Cancer and the treatment drugs can make your blood slower and more prone to clotting, hence the DVT awareness. I believe Candy had one two years ago, and some others as well. Candy was on Ibrance at the time.

  • candy-678
    candy-678 Member Posts: 4,055

    I have had 2 events---- 1 DVT in 2017 (after placement of a Port) , and a PE in 2021 (after a liver biopsy). I was 47 in 2017, and 51 in 2021. Not a smoker. Was on Ibrance and Letrozole and Lupron for the cancer. Both times was after a medical procedure, as you see I said above.

    I am now on Eliquis blood thinner indefinitely. I read that cancer patients are more prone to blood clots, something about proteins? in our blood. Maybe "proteins" are not right, but something with cancer patients that makes our blood thicker.

  • LI77
    LI77 Member Posts: 68

    I think the worst thing about having DVT’s is that I can’t take nsaids when on the blood thinners. I was taking Celebrex regularly, and it was helping with both my back pain from the fracture and the joint aches from Letrozole. Now that I can’t take Celebrex, the joint aches (mainly in my hips and knees) are awful. I don’t want to have to resort to narcotics, but Tylenol doesn’t help at all. It’s so frustrating. I was finally feeling almost normal, treatment working, no horrible side effects, minimal pain, was being much more active and getting exercise, and then bam, this happens. I think the universe hates me.

  • mkestrel
    mkestrel Member Posts: 129

    My first DVT seemed to be caused by varicose veins. I had to give myself Lovenox shots and take Coumadin several months. Then a second one, same leg the next year but that one they think might have been cancer related. My first diagnosis was a couple months after that. I'm on Verzenio which has some clot risk so I wear my compression socks especially on the bad leg and try to keep moving.

    I had a bad experience on Xarelto that first time. My period was super heavy and then started again early and wouldn't stop! I got very anemic and was taken off that. Kind of scary.

  • moominmamma
    moominmamma Member Posts: 35

    I had pulmonary emboli in late July, while on Everolimus (verzenio until April 2022). I am at risk for DVTs because of chronic venous insufficiency and wear stockings for it. Now I'm on Eliquis for the foreseeable future.

  • mkestrel
    mkestrel Member Posts: 129

    So I should post an update... I kept having a dry cough and feeling worse, hurting more on my right side, a little short of breath. COVID negative, no other cold symptoms. Then I heard an odd rattle breathing when lying on my right side too so called doc, who suspected PE or COVID and sent to the ER. CT angiogram showed bilateral PE and I was in the hospital a couple days. Onc said whatever the cause, and there are several possible, so strike three for you , you're starting Eliquis long term. 😩 I'm starting to feel better. It's odd though because I had been wearing my compression socks and walking a mile almost every day.

    Also add to that all other scans showed no progression of cancer, stable treated mets. TTE showed no heart issues. That's great of course but I can't help wondering if something is being missed. My aunt had so many clots in her leg she had to have a filter and they dug the clots out of her lungs. I tested negative for Factor V Leiden.