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Plastic surgeon recommendation at MSKCC

storylife Member Posts: 9
edited September 2022 in Breast Reconstruction

Hello I am scheduled for mastectomy and reconstruction at MSK. My surgeon mentioned Dr. Cordeiro, Dr Disa or Dr Matros. I have to wait an extra week for Dr. Cordeiro. I am looking into implants.Which doctor is the best?


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,883
    edited September 2022

    Hi storylife, and welcome to! Hopefully some of our community members will be able to offer some insight and guidance shortly. In the meantime, if you go to the Search function in the left menu and type in "Cordeiro" (without the quotes) or "Disa", or "Martros" as your search term, you'll see every time the word is mentioned in a post, and can then check out the thread and see what our members have been talking about them in the forums. You can contact some of those members via private message also if you want! It's all detailed in our Frequently Asked Questions section .

    Hope this helps!

    The Mods

  • storylife
    storylife Member Posts: 9
    edited September 2022

    Thank you so much. The search function is really helpful!