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Xeloda and drinking some cocktails during a vacation

woodlands Member Posts: 72

My MBC friends on Zoom have convinced me to travel while I am feeling great! We will be enjoying a cruise during which I will be on my second week of Xeloda. I want to have a few cocktails during the vacation the week I am on Xeloda and the following week I am off Xeloda. I don't usually have side effects from Xeloda except keeping hand and foot infection at bay by using Udderly with 20% Urea lotion.

I am wondering if you have diarrhea the next day after having a cocktail (something fruity with a little alcohol in it, or Baileys and Kahlula? Is there anything I can take in order to prevent a side effect from alcohol? I don't drink at home except if we go out to dinner with friends, which is so rare that I don't have much experience with side effects from a cocktail.

My oncologist doesn't have much to say except thatr it is probably best to not consume alcohol. I am on vacation for the first time in years, and want to live a little with a drink or two. I appreciate your comments and suggestions.


  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 769
    edited September 2022

    Woodlands - I'm not stage IV, but was on Xeloda for some time. The MO gave me the ok to enjoy a cocktail or two while I was on vacation. I made sure to not overdo it. I stuck with piña coladas and the typical tropical drinks, which probably did not contain ,ugh alcohol. I had no issues with it whatsoever. Others may chime in and tell you their thoughts.

    You may want search or ask this question on the All About Xeloda thread. The members there have quite a bit of experience and knowledge on Madame X and can probably give you more insight.

    ETA: I see you posted the question in the thread while I was typing this. You'll get some good answers on that thread. Best of luck and I hope you enjoy your vacation.

  • mocogram
    mocogram Member Posts: 94
    edited September 2022
    Woodlands, I've been on Xeloda and Tukysa (tucatinib) since December 2021. I very occasionally have a glass of white wine. I usually don't have digestive SE's specifically from the wine. But, I have had SE's, diarrhea, if I drink fruit juice or another sugary drink. If the fruity part of the drink gives you problems, maybe try wine or your favorite alcoholic beverage on the rocks or with water. Bon voyage!