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Zoladex injection- increased bruising anyone?

finallyoverit Member Posts: 131

I’ve been on zoladex shots for a number of years. Last month, I had a rather large and painful bruise afterwards. I chalked it up to the new MA but still reported it to my MO. Today when I went back, he tried twice to get me to come back with him and I wouldn’t. I held out for the other MA who has given me countless Zoladex injections. When I told her about the huge bruise I had last month, she told me she had another patient who reported the same thing. The MA told me it was because of a bigger needle the manufacturer was using. 😳. Like that darn needle wasn’t big enough. <sigh>

Just thought I’d pass it along to see if anyone else has had the em same experience lately


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    edited September 2022
    I've been getting them since December and haven't noticed a change. Sometimes they make a bruise, sometimes not! It doesn't seem to have an effect either way. Just have a purple spot for awhile.
  • finallyoverit
    finallyoverit Member Posts: 131
    edited September 2022

    The one I received the other day left the normal, small purple spot that should be gone in a couple of days. Hopefully whatever batch had the huge needles is gone. It was just interesting to hear the other day that other patients, who normally either don’t bruise or have a smallish one, ended up with a huge (I’m talking 5-6” dark purple and black) bruise.

  • elainetherese
    elainetherese Member Posts: 1,619
    edited September 2022

    I've been on Zoladex for seven years + and have never gotten a bruise. Too much subcutaneous fat, I guess.