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Annoying health ads online


Does anyone else find those clickbait health-scare 'ads' on the internet upsetting? I just bumped into one on my Fac*bo*k feed -- 'Nine things not to say to Metastatic Breast Cancer patients'. It raised my stress level and annoyed me; last thing I felt like experiencing on a Sunday.

I know the human brain is wired to look for 'what's wrong' in life, and that's what they appeal to. Funny, an ad saying "Nine things not to say to someone who hit the lottery' wouldn't make me feel concerned that I'm about to hit a huge jackpot. Would it? But having gone through what we've been through...

I'm a full year post- treatment, two years post-diagnosis, and latest mammogram was all clear, thankfully. For myself, I'm taking it as a kind of a pass to enjoy the year ahead thoroughly and to try not to dwell.

Any tricks or tips from those who also bump into those little daily mentions of BC that put a jolt in the day? I'm thinking that being in the moment is the best answer, as it is for most stressors.


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    edited September 2022

    I have ad blockers installed in all my browsers. For Facebook in particular, I also go in periodically and delete everything they've decided I'm interested in. I also block anything that comes in through my feed. So I rarely see anything like that anymore! Now if I could just figure out how to stop seeing cancer ads on tv shows....

  • abbyrhodes3
    abbyrhodes3 Member Posts: 30
    edited September 2022

    Thanks for the link! Will definitely give that a try.

    Thankfully I mostly stream, so that helps a bit at least. Broadcast TV is so full of health ads.