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Walking barefoot and neuropathy?

lef Member Posts: 32

I am just starting chemo and notice that some people have written that one should not walk barefoot. I'm not sure this is because walking barefoot hurts if you develop a neuropathy in your feet or because walking barefoot can contribute to or exacerbate existing neuropathies. I'm grateful for an insights. Thanks.


  • spookiesmom
    spookiesmom Member Posts: 8,102
    edited September 2022

    Don’t think going barefoot makes it worse, but if you can’t feel your feet, you could step on something and not know it. That could cause Serious Injuries especially if you are diabetic.

  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 165
    edited September 2022

    like spookiesmom said it’s about the increased chance of injury and then not realizing. So cuts that get infected because you don’t feel the initial cut and then don’t feel a sore or pain after the fact. There is also a suggestion about not wearing any type of sandals or flip flops that puts a strap between you toes because you won’t notice if it ends up irritating the skin between the toes as well.

    If there is any concern about neuropathy in your feet then making a habit of checking for injury once a day is a good habit especially if you have a habit of not wearing shoes which many people do inside their homes where it might be less likely to step on something but it’s still possible.

  • lef
    lef Member Posts: 32
    edited September 2022

    Thank you, spookiesmom and quietgirl. So far, no neuropathy, but I'm only 2 weeks into this, so we'll see. I will be careful.