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Going flat after reconstruction

ngauthier13 Member Posts: 2
edited November 2022 in Breast Reconstruction

Hi all. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. Had a bilateral mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. Tissue expander removal and reconstruction in February 2021. I have had a revision already, feb 2022. Since the first surgery i have had pain so bad sometimes it takes my breathe away. I was an avid runner and cyclist before and now it is painful and i cannot do seem to do what i love without pain. Even trying to get comfortable in a sports bra is a major challenge. The pain is inside deep in the implant or something. Im not even sure how to explain it. My PT tries to move the breast but it causes that pain. I dont even really have to be doubg anything for it to hurt. It also feels like the breast weighs 20 pounds. Im tired of being in pain and wonder if anyone has experienced this and went flat. If so,how was the transition and is it better. Anything helps



  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    Not me personally but from what I've seen in online flat groups, it's very common. Hopefully someone else will chime in soon!
  • panku3
    panku3 Member Posts: 2

    Sorry to know you are having such pain. I had mastectomy 2 weeks back and went flat without giving a second thought for reconstruction. My situation is not same as yours, but what I wanted to say was - I researched a lot before I took this decision. I read many papers and enquired many people. Also saw so many youTube and googled for reconstruction pain, etc. Many women have gone flat after reconstruction, because they have choose between looks and quality of life. If your partner supports then go for flat. I am already out of pain and started exercises and hiking. But this is your personal decision. You have to weigh all the priorities that you have and then make the decision. Hope all goes well with you.

  • msphil
    msphil Member Posts: 184

    My story diagnosed with Breast cancer at 42 which was young back in 90 s while we were planning our 2nd marriages. Idc stage 2 0/3 nodes removed 3 mo chemo before and after L mast with reconstruction but month later after 1 filling in expanded Fiance now husband rushed me to E R with severe pain in my chest days before Christmas. Expanded removed my body rejected it as a foreign object. Since then wear prosthesis in bra wished I had decided earlier. Got married then 7 wks rads. Then had Our Honeymoon in Poconos mountains here in Pennsylvania. Then 5 yrs on Tamoxifen. Praise God 28 yr Survivor this year end Our 28yr Wedding Anniversary. Hope Positive thinking family faith and of course My Husband. Hope this gives Inspiration to others. October Breast Cancer Awareness month every teary I crochet hats for cancer center her in Philly and out Article in my parish church St Thomas Equines to remind others to get Mammograms and on other sites I can talk about my book not aloud to here. Take care msphil

  • nns121317
    nns121317 Member Posts: 102

    I'm wondering about this too. I had BMX and direct to implant reconstruction in October 2021. Then chemo, rads, now AI and Verzenio. Not sure I'm cut out for implants, and everything just hurts all the time. Can't run or exercise, always uncomfortable. My partner would not be supportive of going flat, and aesthetically I truly have a beautiful result, but...don't love the loss of function. But, I don't know how much of that I can pin on my implants, because chemo left me with cardiotoxicity and nerve damage, and I have lymphedema on my cancer side. Just hard to know what causes my ailments at this point.

  • ngauthier13
    ngauthier13 Member Posts: 2

    hi there and thank you for sharing your situation. I agree, aesthetically, I look amazing given what I have gone thru. So I understand that. My doc is running a few tests, CT scan of abdomen amd chest to see if I would be a good candidate for DIEP flap surgery. I have heard that it is more "natural" of a look. breasts would actually be warm to the touch instead of ice cold from imants.the pain in my shoulder is so bad. Nothing is helping and I am so over it. I feel like exhausting all options before going flat. I don't know if my husband would like the look of flat, but at this point, my ability to run without pain, practice volleyball with my daughter and live life without this pain is far more important than what he thinks lol. But I DO understand what you mean. Keep me posted on you!!