Hope for Stage IIB- I made it to 10 years

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Today marks 10 years I was diagnosed with stage IIB idc breast cancer. My tumor was 3.4cm and I had 3 positive lymph nodes. When I was first diagnosed I spent a good period of my day searching and tracking to see that someone had posted five years later. I found this website very helpful. I was actually a little obsessed with it, I had two young children and was just hoping I could find multiple people that had survived. Here I stand 10 years later, I don't really like to call myself a survivor I feel a little strange about using that word but I underwent chemo, radiation, 4 reconstruction surgeries and I am doing well. I am still on tamoxifen, I refuse to come off of it. My uterus is checked often and I've had several DNC's due to thickening. I get my period a few times a year, I cannot leave my house when it happens since the bleeding is so severe. I take medicine called Transexamic acid to stop it. I do have lymphodema in my arm and truncal parts but it is mild. Overall I am very healthy, I try to exercise daily, and eat a decent diet. I hope he said that I'd come in here and give somebody else hope on my milestones. Wish we can find a cure but until then we have hope.


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    Praise God!! I'm so happy for you .I'm 7 years out coming this January I too was stage 2b 1 positive lymph nodes er&pr positive hr2 negative with extra nodal extensions, lymph vascular imvasion and macrometestastases been on arimidex for 7 years. I too pray that with time new treatments or cures will become available I try my best to eat right and exercise everything else I leave into the hands of the almighty until then I live the best I can..

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    thank you!!! Prayers for continued good health to you always!!!