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Radiation Dermatitis severe


Hello Everyone,

I was diagnosed with a reoccurrence after 7 years. I had a lymph node dissection on July 8th. I finished 16 rounds of radiation on September 23. I started to develop burns by end of week 2. It has gotten progressively worse. I have seen my radiologist twice since because all the "treatments" aren't working. I have such severe itching that I cannot even go to work. I was just prescribed doxepin cream but my pharmacy is out and I have to wait until Monday. I am going absolutely insane from the itching. I used Miaderm during all my treatments. I then got 2.5 hydrocortisone but it doesn't help. Now I use silver sulfadiazine for promote healing from the open wounds and then Lidocaine.

Please any suggestions on how to control this itching. I am at my wits' end and am thinking about hospitalization.