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BIRADS 2 to BIRADS 4 in less that 2 months

faith33 Member Posts: 5
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Hello ladies! I'm new here.

I'm so scared, sad and anxious. I'm 28 years old, I have a 2 years old and I'm still breast feeding. My baby started to like more my left breast. Then I felt my out-upper breast tissue weird so I went to my gynecologist. She checked me and said that she want's concern but she sent me a ultrasound. I went to an specialist breast cancer image center (my mom is a breast cancer patient and she was diagnosed there) they checked both breasts and armpits. I have a lump in the same breast since I was 13 years old. I told the technician and she checked it too. The doctor there told me that it was a benign fibroadenoma and my breast tissue was just that, my normal breast tissue BIRADS 2. Well, I'm so anxious so I went for a second opinion in a normal image center, at first the technician said that he couldn't see anything after around 10 minutes he did. He didn't check my armpits. He was asking question like if I drink coffee or if the first place said that was fibroadenoma or fibrocystic. Now in the report says that I have dense breast tissue and two heterogeneous masses, the sizes and that's it. No more description BIRADS 4. The first report has a perfect description and why that lump is benign. First report was in July, second was on September. I went back to my gynecologist and she said that I shouldn't put the second repot over the first report because they are specialist and they can't be that wrong. She referred me to a breast specialist/surgeon to take out the fibroadenoma for my peace of mind and she don't look so concern about the second report. My mom is a breast cancer patient but her genetic test is negative. I'm so scared! :(


  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 165

    It sounds like in the first exam you got a complete description of what was found and a lot of information and they said Birads 2 means benign. It sounds like I’m the second place it took them time to find anything and gave you an incomplete description and therefore say birads 4 suspicious because they didn’t or couldn’t identify what they saw. Did the second location have access to pictures from the first u/s. Did you only have an u/s in each case or did you have a mammogram also? I am not saying that nothing changed but it is possible that if the first location got clearer or more pictures that they were able to make a more complete determination and therefore gave BIRads 2 while if the second place had a less complete set of pictures or trouble locating the area in question that is why they said BIRAds 4. After the BIRADS 4 did they suggest you needed a biospy or more images or did they just refer you back to your gynecologist.

    I’m not trying to ask you tons of questions that you can’t answer just trying to figure out if there is a missing piece of the puzzle that could give you some peace of mind while you wait to see the breast surgeon. If nothing else she might order her own set of images to get a clearer picture as to what is going on.

  • faith33
    faith33 Member Posts: 5

    Thank you so much to take the time to read all of this!!! When he was done he asked me for the last report, I only sent them the report but no the images (I don't know if they even received it) and the recommendation was: Surgical Consult. But I was talking with a man that I know from that place and he was telling me that they want me to get a breast MRI. They did only ultrasounds in both places. But the first place are specialist on breast images, their technicians, doctors and machines are special for breast. I went to the second place 5 days before my period, I don't know if that can affect the ultrasound results?

  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 165

    I understand it’s a scary place to be in. The big picture is that the second place suggested a surgery consult and that is what you will be getting since you are being send to one That person might order a breast MRI but either way they should have access to all your images and you can talk to them about the two different labels. Hoping you get answers sooner rather than later

  • faith33
    faith33 Member Posts: 5

    Yes! I will take both images and reports. My gynecologist told me to, but she told me to bring only the first one because that one is the important one. But I'm bringing both to see what she says. I think I will ask her if we can do a biopsy instead more images. I don't know..

  • faith33
    faith33 Member Posts: 5

    I will post here my reports:

    REPORT #1

    complete Ultrasound OF BOTH BREASTS AND AXILLA: 7/6/2022


    CLINICAL: Right breast lump.

    No prior exams were avallable for comparison.

    Color flow and real-time ultrasound of both breasts four quadrants, retroarecar, and axilla regions were performed.

    Gray scale Images of the real-time examination were revlewed.

    On the right, at the 4 o'clock position, 3 cm from the nipple, an oval hypocholc mass is noted measuring 9 x7 x 11mm, correlating with the palpable region of concern. This mass is oriented parallel to the skin and demonstrates smooth borders, consistent with a benign fibroadenoma

    No suspiclous findings.

    No significant abnormalities were seen sonographically In the left breast or elther axilla.



    There is no sonographic evidence of malignancy.

    Follow-up with ACR/ACS guidelines

    REPORT #2


    TECHNIQUE: Sonographic images of right breast all four quadrants and retroareolar region



    Right Breast :

    Two masses each measuring 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.4 cm (heterogeneous)located in 10:00 position. and 1.0 x 0.8× 0.9 cm (heterogeneous )located in 4:00 position. . Sonographic evaluation of remainder of right breast demonstrates dense parenchyma parenchyma echotexture.



    1. Two masses measuring 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.4 cm (heterogeneous)located in 10:00 position. and 1.0 x 0.8 x0.9 cm (heterogeneous )located in 4:00 position.

    Recommendations :

    1. Surgical consult.