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Prepectoral implants, going back to sub muscular?

Jpsara Member Posts: 2
edited October 2022 in Breast Reconstruction

Had 7 surgeries, 2013-2014, many complications. Had sub muscular implants. After years of problems and pain, PS talked me into going prepectoral in 2020…what a nightmare! 2 more surgeries in 2020, and other complication.They are not supported, even though he used Alloderm, they are uncomfortable…sagging terrible although I asked that as first question! Never had saggy breasts before! Had very thin skin and new PS said I should NOT have been candidate for prepectoral.

So NOW I had my left implant “flip” backwards…so now “flat side of implant that should face chest wall is facing outward…very painful!

Went back to City of Hope that did my previous 9 surgeries, and yesterday they “kicked me to the curb”, and said we can’t help you…your case is too complex…WTF!

I want to go back to sub muscular…this implant flipping is ridiculous, and they are so uncomfortable! Any really great reconstruction surgeons…I can’t just go down the yellow pages looking for someone new!


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    Bumping for jpsara! Anyone have any insight?