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Shall I do additional Adriamycin after neoadjuvant TC?

storylife Member Posts: 9

Hello Everybody, I originally posted to stage II forum, but I think it might be more relevant here.

I was diagnosed with ER+ PR+ HER2- grade 2 IDC+DCIS with a positive node via biopsy/image. I did neoadjuvant TCx4 followed by Umx. While the tumor and positive node both shrank a bit, there is still a lot of residue cancer left. My pathology also found LVI and ENE, and an additional node with ITC.

I had my post surgery appointment with MO, and she recommended starting exemestane. At the end of my appointment, she asked if I have additional questions. I asked if my neoadjuvant chemo was adequate. She said there may be some additional benefit to do Adriamycin treatments (4 cycle). But since I did not have a super great response to TCx4, additional chemo may not be that helpful. She told me their cancer board discussed it, but no consensus ( probably majority said no more chemo). There is not enough data to support either way, so in the end she basically said " You are young and healthy otherwise. If you feel like you need to do everything possible to prevent metastasis, then you should do it". However I felt that she would not have even mentioned additional adjuvant chemo with Adriamycin if I did not ask the question. I want to do everything possible, but I also do not want overtreatment. Any suggestions or comments are high appreciated.