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Brain Seizures


Hello everyone,

I had a long brain MRI including other parts of my body. My head was so hot in the machine. The technician was new I think. She needed help from another technician. I was there for 5 hours. The next day, I had a seizure. I truly believe it was caused by having such a long MRI. My head was on fire during and after the MRI. I had pressure in my head and my face was swollen. I hate MRIs and gadolinium injections. I react to it every time I have that horrible injection. I woke up in the hospital ER the next day. They said that I had a seizure. I bit my tongue so bad almost I cut it off. It is healing slowly now. Thanks to my husband and my daughter, who flew from NYC to Virginia. I am glad they were with me. What if I was alone at home? What if my husband wasn't home to call the ambulance? I can not even think about it. Now I am on an anti-seizure medication called Wimpat I think. I take that twice a day and I take CBD oil as well. Dr.s are saying MRI didn't cause that it is cancer. I disagree. My head was so hot and painful when I had the MRI. I will never have the injection ever again. It accumulated in my body. Every time I have that injection, I throw up and get so sick the next day. Doctors are ignorant. They don't want to consider MRI could have caused the issue because of how big my head got and the swelling. Has anyone had seizures after the brain metastasis? It was a horrible experience. Now this drug makes me sleepy, a slow thinker. thank you for every ones reply.