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Hormone Therapy and Inhibitors


I have recently been diagnosed with a reoccurrence. It has been 14 years of bliss until now. In 2008, I had a mastectomy's and checmo TAC and radiation 28 sessions. I am ER positive 97%, PGR Positive 69%, Her2 Negative, but then the nasty KI-67 which is 30% That's the bad guy. It is inoperable because it is in my arm pit and is encasing nerves and fed by a large artery. I have just started a hormone called anastrozole and soon to start verzenio. They are hoping these two pills will stop the growth or shrink the mass. Has anyone else been on these? I was thinking of getting my paperwork together and forwarding it off to City of Hope, or MD Anderson and see what their oncologists would recommend? Any suggestions would be helpful.