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Awaiting Biopsy BI Rads 4B

mandeakay Member Posts: 2
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Hello all, I hate seeing so many people on here, however I'm glad I have found a group where I can express my concerns and maybe alleviate some anxiety. During my first mammo screen in 2016, they found a spot, had the ultrasound the same day and determined to be a cyst (Left breast) aspirated the cyst and everything has been fine since. A week before my annual mammogram I felt a small knot under areola, pcp also felt it and referred me for an ultrasound same day as mammogram ( also in left breast). Mammogram showed nothing, Ultrasound showed the spot I felt was prominent ducts, no concern, but did find a 8mm x 5mm x 5mm mixed solid / cystic mass at 12:00 periareolar area needing a biopsy. I have been unable to find my report from 2016 to see if it's the same area as the aspirated cyst but everything has been done at the same center. My biopsy was scheduled forn16 days out, I have since been able to get it scheduled 2 days sooner, so Monday the 24th. I have been a nervous wreck, even knowing that the chances of it being malignant is very low. I have been Gene tested ( my father had metastatic prostate cancer and my maternal aunt had breast cancer at a young age) I do not carry the genes they tested for, so no hereditary risk. I am a smoker, have dense breast and started my period at a young age. I've accepted the worst (I like being prepared just incase) but the wait is killing me, I'm not sure I will be able to handle the wait for the results. How long did it take for everyone to get their results back? I've seen it can take up to a month but would like to hear from others who have already gone thru this. TIA and Goodluck to those still waiting.


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    Yes, there are many, many folks who are still diagnosed with bc despite what the pink patrol would have us believe. The mortality rate for stage IV (the only stage that is terminal) has not decreased in about 30 years. If you had your prior medical care at the same center, they should be able to access any prior test/biopsy results. You simply need to request a copy. It is unusual for biopsy results to take a month before they're available but it could happen. Regardless of how long it took for others to get results it is most likely that you will get your results in a much more timely fashion than a month. Rather that guessing and worrying, why don't you call the facility tomorrow morning and ask when results are expected. All of us have been in your shoes at one point and we handled it, as you will too. Not easy, not fun but we all pull up our big girl panties and get through it. Lastly, don't borrow trouble! This is also easier said than done but try to focus on what you know for certain right now and don't get too far into the “What ifs…" . Stay busy, do things you enjoy and the future will become the present whether you worry or not.

    I have lived with stage IV bc for 11 years (yes, I'm an outlier). Once I realized that worrying about the future doesn't change it, I was able to make the most of those years. I have my bad moments as I'm technically terminal, but I no longer waste my precious time on things I can't control. Take care.