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Round soft lumps appearing 1 year post DMX/Reconstruction

EminGA2018 Member Posts: 21


I’m wondering if anyone has encountered oil cysts after recon and fat grafting.I had a DBX with immediate reconstruction (implants) a year ago and 6 months later revisional surgery and fat grafting.I discovered a soft lump under my arm post surgery and went to my surgical oncologist and had an ultrasound and they thought maybe it was a lipoma but weren’t sure and said to keep an eye on it. I have since developed another lump on top of my implant. My PCP mentioned oil cysts being the causeas a possible result of fat necrosis. I’m not looking to be diagnosed here just gather information so I can advocate for myself. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so if they resolved on their own or if draining/surgery was needed.


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    It sounds like they did give you answer:a lipoma. Is there a reason you don't believe them? There are many options for confirming it if they aren't sure and unfortunately, asking for opinions here isn't one of them. They can do another ultrasound, mammogram, MRI, PET, biopsy, etc. if there's a reason to believe it's cancer.
  • EminGA2018
    EminGA2018 Member Posts: 21

    I should reword my post. It wasn’t clear. I’m not looking to be diagnosed. The great thing about this community is that we can support each other and share experiences..not in place of a diagnosis but there is a lot of experience on this forum and quite a few answers to questions (that my nursing team had not encountered..were answered here). I’ve read that oil cysts can form from fat necrosis but my specialist hasn’t encountered them. I was wondering if anyone here had. I’m just information gathering so I can advocate for myself and ask relevant questions when I finally get an appointment. That’s it. I’m very familiar with all of the available testing. I appreciate where you are coming from. I’ll edit so it’s easier to understand. Thx

  • kristifromsandiego
    kristifromsandiego Member Posts: 15

    I had something similar. Mine were a bit harder however and they were above my implant, not in it. I was obviously worried. They ended up being fatty tissue. I guess when they do fat gathering (liposuction to give you more fat - I'm skinny) this fat tissue can get together and form balls. They diagnosed it using an ultra sound. And told me I was fine. Eventually, 6 months or so they dissolved. Hope that helps. Kristi

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
    Yeah, that makes more sense now.
  • ndroby
    ndroby Member Posts: 16

    Hello, I'm 10 years post double mastectomy with reconstruction surgery using implants and have experienced small fat deposits atop my implants sporadically. Scared me at first, so I went to the surgeon who told me what they were and said not to worry and that they will gradually dissolve. They do dissolve over a short period of time.

  • rrobin0200
    rrobin0200 Member Posts: 79


    Ask away with any questions you may have; this is the reason this site exists. No question is dumb. While we know that everyone has a different story to tell, it is comforting to hear other experiences. I get it! Other’s experiences were essentially my saving grace when I was in the throes of it all…. Not basing my diagnosis amongst another, but just comparing notes. Because, as we all know, BC is not a one size fit all. Sometimes when we are experiencing PTSD from our diagnosis, it’s “comforting” to hear we aren’t alone in a particular situation.

    Back to your original post, YES… I have had many oily cysts/ fat necrosis after my BMX with multiple reconstruction surgeries. Of course, an ultrasound always was used to prove that they were just that, and no surgery was required. As long as the doctor can confirm that’s what they are, I personally would just have them watch it to make there’s no change.

  • noodlesmom
    noodlesmom Member Posts: 36

    Hello all...

    I am 6 years post BMX, and 5 months post reconstruction-revision with fat grafting (gotta love capsular contracture!!). Last week I noticed a lump towards the bottom of the breast, close to the scar. My stomach hit the floor, as I'm guessing everyone can relate. I went for a US the next day and the radiologist said he suspects fat necrosis but they want to follow up with a needle biopsy in 3 weeks. Is there a more definitive way of diagnosing with US? Do most surgeons immediately go to the biospy? I'm not against it--though would love to avoid--but want to be sure it's necessary.

    Thank you!

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605

    They are following the normal process. Ultrasound and then biopsy. Even if they think it's most likely nothing to worry about, they can't always say that for sure by looking at an ultrasound. A biopsy will give the definitive answer.

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 247

    Hi eming2018,

    I had a BMX, TEs and implants. I had the implants placed in November. I did not do fat grafting. I recently found a lump in the cancer boob. I wasn't overly concerned but knew it had to get checked. My Oncologist scheduled an Ultrasound. The lump was found but not suspicious. Good old scar tissue from surgeries. The Radiologists said I must continue to monitor it for any changes and go back in for another look if I find any changes. I loved that I had an explanation and took it as a win. I'd much rather enjoy my days rather than working with physicians on a treatment plan that monopolizes my time and everything in between. 😊