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NYU vs MSK for surgery, treatment

pastrychefwoes Member Posts: 4
edited November 2022 in Just Diagnosed

recently diagnosed and was surprised at how quickly I was able to see a surgeon at NYU. We scheduled surgery for December and I was feeling pretty optimistic until they said I have to do more tests coming up. My SIL insisted I get a second opinion at MSK because her father in law went there. I reluctantly reached out and did a consultation with one of the surgeons there and was glad I did. Now I’m torn between doing surgery at MSK or NYU. Anyone here have experience with either


  • ratherbesailing
    ratherbesailing Member Posts: 117

    I didn't love MSK. People I know who went to NYU were very happy.

  • pastrychefwoes
    pastrychefwoes Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for sharing

  • lef
    lef Member Posts: 32

    I didn't go to MSK, so can't compare, but I have been extremely happy with NYU. My surgeon and medical oncologist are terrific. I haven't started radiation, so can't speak to that, but the doctor seems good. I've been particularly impressed by the nurses, nurse practitioners and staff, who have all been incredibly nice and helpful. I even love the guy who does my blood tests!

    It's my sense that staff self selects for this assignment, so there may be great people at both places. I've just been almost surprised at how comfortable I've been at NYU.

  • ligma
    ligma Member Posts: 8

    Had my surgery at MSK. The nurses and staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. The surgery center was modern with private rooms and bathrooms for each patient Love my Surgeon. Had a lumpectomy and she did a great job. I can only give praises.

  • pastrychefwoes
    pastrychefwoes Member Posts: 4

    thanks for sharing, when I was admitted last year at NYU for pre eclampsia they were really great

  • pastrychefwoes
    pastrychefwoes Member Posts: 4

    @ligma I didn’t realize how big MSK was, and very clean