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CK4/6 comparisons

meme5 Member Posts: 43

Of the three CK4/6 drugs which are Kisquali, Ibrance and Verzinio is there one that is the most effective when used with letrozole? Also is there one that has fewer side effects than the others.

I am anticipating that my oncologist will put me on one of these and trying to gather info to discuss my options.

Thanks for any impute.


  • weninwi
    weninwi Member Posts: 762


    Dr Mathew Goetz from Mayo Clinic has several articles and interviews/discussion on the internet about CDK4/6 inhibitors. I found one discussion by Dr. Goetz, which unfortunately can't find again, in which he explains that each CDK4/6 inhibitor has a slightly different mechanism of action. Each one also has a different side effect profile. I've read that Verzenio is particularly effective for liver mets.

    I found another article re the differences between the CDK4/6 inhibitors.