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21 Years of Stage 4 MBC de novo!

denny123 Member Posts: 1,495

Yay me! Today is the first day of my 21st year after being diagnosed with Stage 4 MBC de novo! Originally ER+, PR-, Her2+++ with liver mets. I had a recurrence in 2 chest nodes 11 years ago, which changed me to Her2- Somatic. I have had A/C, Taxotere, Gemzar, Herceptin, Aromasin, Faslodex, Kadcyla, Poziotinib, and now on Xeloda and Herceptin. I have indeterminate spots in my liver and lung, but they are stable. I am currently on Xeloda and Herceptin, for 5 years now. My diet has always been "everything in moderation", except for alternative supplements, pure soy products and alcohol. But now my diet has been compromised by the fact that I am on Xeloda (and have to avoid foods high in folate). And I now have hypoglycemia and orthostatic hypotension, which makes my diet even more restricted. But I will soldier on....



  • hn
    hn Member Posts: 31

    You are a brave soldier! Wishing you good health!

  • chicagoan
    chicagoan Member Posts: 1,008

    Congratulations Denny! Thanks for posting. So encouraging to us all. I admire how you keep soldiering on.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,290

    Denny, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news! We are celebrating right along with you! Such an inspiration and we know your post will provide great hope to so many.

    Congrats and do something good for yourself today!

    --The Mods

  • sondraf
    sondraf Member Posts: 1,630

    Ah I always love to see this update thread this time of year :) Congrats and well done in going with whatever cancer and treatment have thrown your way!

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 746

    Big congrats to you Denny, your story is amazing! Wishing you many many more years of stability.

  • denny10
    denny10 Member Posts: 421

    Hi denny123, congratulations on 21 years of living your life after a stage 4 diagnosis. It is great for you, but this kind of news encourages us all to 'soldier' on. This month I am 9 years on from my metastic diagnosis. I would love another 12 years too.

  • eleanora
    eleanora Member Posts: 299

    Congratulations Denny123! I am smiling right now over the wonderful news. Keep on keeping on and giving hope to the rest of us!


  • gailmary
    gailmary Member Posts: 447

    thank you, Denny and congratulations. Gives us all much hope. Happy holidays to all.

  • olma61
    olma61 Member Posts: 1,027

    Congrats, denny123! Keep on keeping on.

  • aprilgirl1
    aprilgirl1 Member Posts: 787

    Denny123, congratulations! That is fantastic and gives me a lot of hope! Thank you for sharing this news with us.

  • denny123
    denny123 Member Posts: 1,495

    Thansk everyone!!!