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Podcast: Helping Patients Advocate for Themselves

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Helping Patients Advocate for Themselves
Dec 2, 2022

Dr. Jennifer Griggs explains her research into how "activated" patients can get more equitable care from their doctors.

We know that disparities exist in healthcare, including in breast cancer outcomes and in general care before someone is diagnosed. Evidence suggests that structural racism, including how doctors talk to their patients and what they talk to them about, may be at the heart of some of these disparities.

A study led by Dr. Jennifer Griggs found that coaching patients to talk to their doctors about their concerns about their care and advocate for themselves can offset doctors' implicit biases and lead to better care for Black patients.

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Griggs explain:

  • how an activated patient behaves
  • how doctors' implicit biases can affect patient care
  • steps you can take if you want to be a more activated patient
Listen now or read the transcript.