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Breast Reconstruction Surgeon Recommendation in Los Angeles

innakap Member Posts: 12
edited January 2023 in Breast Reconstruction

Hi everyone,

I had a breast reconstruction with under the muscle silicon implants 10 years ago. My left implant looks deformed and shifted to almost under the armpit. I also feel, on and off, a shooting/stabbing pain in that area (it's not the heart) that partially numbs my left arm. I think this might be caused by the implant pressing on something it shouldn't and it's time for replacement.

I would really appreciate any recommendation to a good reconstruction surgeon in Los Angeles.

Thanks so much!


  • K-Gobby
    K-Gobby Member Posts: 144

    I just had surgery and reconstruction. Dr. ANTOINE CARREY was my plastics.

    My breast surgeon is Dr. Amy Polverini at Huntington memorial hospital. Both are great to talk with. My surgery was December 28th, so I am sore. Discolored and super bruised. I had skin sparing.

  • innakap
    innakap Member Posts: 12

    Thank you k-gobby!

  • trishyla1
    trishyla1 Member Posts: 50

    Dr. Polverini is amazing. Her former partner (Dr. Rao) was my breast surgeon, but Dr. Polverini removed the chest tube after my surgery for a collapsed lung. She's very cool.

    I had DIEP flap surgery, so I can't help you with a plastic surgeon who does implants.

    Good luck.