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jonesd01 Member Posts: 13
edited December 2022 in Waiting for Test Results

Waiting on mri results pre-surgery 1/12/23 bi lateral mastectomy IDC with widespread microcalcifications. My brain is going a little crazy with worst case scenarios. Hoping no surprises....any strategies to get through holidays welcome. Trying to enjoy my people but whew this is so draining.


  • tntnsd
    tntnsd Member Posts: 124

    Big hugs to you. I know how hard it was (I was there 2 years ago, diagnosed 12/2020, surgery 02/2021). Anyhow, my strategy back then was keeping remind myself every time my mind wandering with dark thoughts that I couldn’t control this diagnosis or result, but I would do all my power not to let it consume me or my kids holidays. I watched and rewatched lots of comedy tv shows. I did use anxiety pills for few nights, but not all prescribed bottle.

    Again, virtual hugs and hope you will find a way to be ok soon

  • justme1964
    justme1964 Member Posts: 12

    Well, after 4 years from diagnosis, at follow up mammo, they found enlarged nodes on opposite side, fast forward, cancer in those nodes, pet scan picked that up and something in spine and hip, so mri for me..

    I always had back pain.. hip is new pain, however the meds I have been on and taking now causes pain, joint, bone pain just name a few..