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3d mammogram callback

1pixi Member Posts: 2
edited January 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

I am 46, and had a callback on my 3d mammogram. Developing asymmetry in my left upper breast. I don't have my next appointment untill February......I'm going to try to stay calm, but I have a strong family history. My last mammogram was in 2019. I got off track because of COVID. I'm not really sure what to do with myself until then.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,911

    Hi again 1pixi,

    We're so sorry for the worries that bring you here, but try to remain calm until you know more. We know -- easier said than done! Many times when someone has either their first mammogram or their first mammogram in a long while, they will be called back as there's not a recent record to compare the new mammogram to. It's very common, and callbacks do NOT mean cancer, just that they want to have a closer look.

    Try to keep yourself busy in the meantime. Please keep us posted with what you find out, when you know more.

    Sending good thoughts!

    --The Mods

  • cozyrad
    cozyrad Member Posts: 29

    My case is a bit different, as it is a diagnostic referral for a lump with malignant features instead of a screening callback (I'm under 40), but waiting is stressful regardless, especially having family history like we do. I've been waiting since October. It is can be overwhelming but things that have helped me are reminding myself that most findings are benign, doing some research to help me understand some of the terminology if it is not good news, and asking a couple of people for tv show or movie recommendations to help distract me while I wait. Best of luck to you!

  • edwards750
    edwards750 Member Posts: 1,568

    I would think if it were life threatening they wouldn’t make you wait until February but then I know doctors/hospitals are jammed.

    I have a family history too but believe it or not my MO said 70% of breast cancers are not genetic. Hard to believe. My sister and I fell in the 30% group apparently.

    Keep the faith and keep us posted

  • concernedaboutresults

    Hi Pixi. I had a developing focal asymmetry in my right breast on my screening mammogram in early November of 2022. Not unlike you, I had not done my mammogram since February 2020 and was a bit late too. I had to go back for more imaging, and I tried not to be too concerned until I had more information. The radiology team at the mammogram center explained that my developing focal asymmetry was something that was showing up on my recent mammogram that was not there when they compared it to my mammogram from 2020. Also, they explained that they needed more imaging to ensure there wasn't some distortion in the new image and to see if they could isolate it again and get a more detailed image. After reviewing, they would decide if I needed the follow-up ultrasound that was already scheduled for the same appointment. As they needed both the mammogram machine and that tech, along with the ultrasound machine and that tech - I can imagine it could take some time to get it scheduled. During the wait in between, I tried to stay busy with things I really enjoy doing, particularly those things that engage my mind. for me, this involves reading and audiobooks. Plus Thanksgiving was upon us and all of my family was in town. This was a nice distraction during the wait. With this in mind, is your appointment in February for additional imaging?

  • 1pixi
    1pixi Member Posts: 2

    It is for additional imaging and ultrasound from what I understand. When is your next appointment?