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Ibrance beginner.

pabbie Member Posts: 70

What is the process for a beginner prescribed Ibrance? I understand I take the pill for 3 weeks on and one week off., but how to get it through the pharmacy confused me. I appreciate any help. Thank you and take care.


  • spookiesmom
    spookiesmom Member Posts: 8,168

    My regular pharmacy doesn’t handle it, comes from a specialty pharmacy. Ask at your MO office.

    There is an active ibrance thread here, search for it, sorry I don’t know how to do links.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,913

    Hi Pabbie! Here's a link to the popular Ibrance thread spookiesmom mentioned -- you may want to ask there!

    We hope this helps!

    --The Mods