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Palpable findings not seen on mammogram or US.

cozyrad Member Posts: 28
edited January 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi! I'm in my late 30s and felt a lump on my R breast in Sept and finally got diagnostic tests yesterday. When I checked in the mammogram tech felt three lumps instead of one. During the mammogram the radiologist found something unexpected on the L breast, but couldn't see anything on the original side. They did the US a few minutes later and once again noted a finding on the L breast but nothing on the side where the tech and I felt the lumps. Is this typical? I'm concerned because if they don't see anything on imaging, how are they going to keep track of it? They were about to close so I didn't get to speak to the radiologist, the US tech just told me to follow up. Maybe someone can help me make sense of this. Should I request an MRI since palpable lumps were missed?

Here's the report:


Indication: 3 different palpable lumps in the right breast

There is an oval smoothly circumscribed mass in the left breast. This will be evaluated with ultrasound. No focal abnormality corresponds with the palpable findings in the right breast. No other suspicious mass or calcifications.

Ultrasound will be performed for further evaluation of the palpable findings in the right breast, as well as the mass identified on mammography in the left breast.

BIRADS Category 0 - Incomplete. Need additional imaging evaluation.



No focal abnormality is identified at the sites of the palpable findings in the right breast.

The mass in the left breast corresponds to a smoothly circumscribed hypoechoic oval. Solid mass in the 3:00 position, measuring 11 x 13 x 7 mm, with internal vascularity. This has an appearance suggesting fibroadenoma.


* No imaging abnormality corresponds to the palpable findings in the left breast.

* Probable fibroadenoma in the left breast.

BIRADS 3: Probably Benign


* Close follow-up for the palpable findings in the right breast.

* Six-month follow-up left breast ultrasound

Note: This imaging appearance should not preclude further investigation if clinical findings are suspicious"

I'm also not sure what close follow up is vs six-month follow up.

Does anyone have insight? Thanks in advance!