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rib pain at previous fracture site


I broke a rib about five years ago in a biking accident. The past week I have been having pain at the fracture site. It is not very painfull and only hurts when I move a certain way. It feels like the pain is from the muscles in between the ribs but I'm concerned that this may be metatasis. I've sent a message to my oncologist but haven't heard anything yet. Should I be concerned?


  • gigil
    gigil Member Posts: 914

    Myhusband broke a rib years ago, and he still gets pain in that area when the weather is changing. I, on the other hand have Stage IV breast cancer, and I can have rib pain off and on. It doesn’t hurt to get it checked out. Chances are, it is just that old injury, but you will feel better getting it checked. A simple CT scan should give you an answer.