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When is Onc score run?

jonesd01 Member Posts: 13

Bi lateral N/S mastectomy with reconstruction 1/12 - I guess I assumed they would automatcially run the OncDX score but nurse said they wait for results first. Took 2 lymph nodes (SN plus one). Multiple areas of suspicious calcifications (4) all over left breast and 2 small tumors. Not sure why they would wait to send it unless thinking it is a higher grade? Trying not to worry. Meet 1/23 with surgeon and oncologist. This wait is harder than i thought it would be.


  • maggiehopley
    maggiehopley Member Posts: 103

    Do you know your Her2 status yet? They might be waiting on that, because if you are Her2 positive they will not run the oncotype, as chemo will automatically be required. If your lymph nodes are positive, they might decide you need chemo regardless, as well.

  • jonesd01
    jonesd01 Member Posts: 13

    Thanks - maybe thats it? I know I am estrogen and progesterone positive and Her -. There did not appear to be lymph node invasion but wont know for sure until path comes back. Hoping soon. They only took 2 lymph nodes - sentinel biopsy.

  • Mymomsgirl
    Mymomsgirl Member Posts: 95

    In addition to the Her2 status they often want to see if the nodes are negative before running the test. I think because it may not be widely accepted by insurance. A lot of doctors say if it is in a node then it is the body and often chemo is recommended so why do the extra test. I personally say run it on all Stage 0 and 1 to collect more data. Hang in there.

  • My oncologist ordered the ODX when the results from the biopsy came back HR/ER+ and HER2-. However, I think insurance wanted additional information which caused a delay. It may have been hung up waiting on the pathology report from the lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. It was around the same time of the pathology report came out that it got approved. Mine lymph nodes were negative, so maybe its waiting on that.