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dontwantthis Member Posts: 17
edited January 2023 in Breast Reconstruction

My story is long, I will try to make it short.

I was diagnosed in 2006, had lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation on my right breast. The surgeon did a botch job that has made my breast a mess.

January 2021, diagnosed with 2nd cancer (same side, same type), had a bilateral mastectomy with expanders and implants, plus chemo. The surgeon should never have offered me implants. It added another mess. I feel like something that has come out of a horror movie.

Moving forward, it turns out I have capsular contracture (lots of pain, not enough blood flow, and skin is not healthy).

My surgeon is suggesting an ldf on the right side only, she will remove the implant, put in expander, and later a new smaller implant followed by fat grafting.

My breasts currently look nothing like breasts. they look like blobs with scars. The surgeon said no reason to do the left side (she will put in a larger implant and do fat grafting).

I have questions and would love opinions.

If I do the right side only will it look and feel different from the left side?

I've heard some women say they didn't put in implants, wouldn't you need a lot of back fat?

If I decided not to have implants, would they look more natural?

Sorry to have made this so long!