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High Risk - MRI ?

petyab Member Posts: 7
edited January 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Dear All,

I have posted 1-2 times before here and find this to be wonderful, caring and supportive community.

I am high risk. Tyrer - Cuzick is 23.9 % lifetime (without co-morbidities) and 20.3% (with co-morbidities turned on). Mom had BC at 59.

I have had mammos at 35, 38, 40, 41, and about to have my next one at age 42. In addition, 6 months after each mammo, I've had a whole breast ultrasound.

I am beating myself up for having the whole breast ultrasound rather than the MRI. Upon the advice of a family member (who happens to be a med onc that treats BC patients), I did not opt for MRIs. Instead, chose whole breast ultrasound. I am category C density and size B cup. 5.2, weight 130.

My question is did I make a mistake? I certainly cannot turn back to the clock and get the MRIs. In December 2022, I messaged my breast surgeon and asked for MRI. I was willing to pay wholly out of pocket. and get back on regular schedule in Aug. 2023, when I would be due for another MRI. Surgeon told me to wait. Not really sure why. Perhaps because i had whole breast ultrasound in Sept. 2022.

I've read some many posts here about ultrasound missing cancer and I am sick to my stomach.

any input would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.