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Information on GATA 3+ Cancer

maryc58 Member Posts: 1

Hello Friends,

Thank you for accepting me in the group.

I am ER+, HER2+ and GATA3 +. I was recently diagnosed (December 12, 2022) with Stage 4 Breast cancer with metastasis to Bones, lymph nodes and spleen.

My chemotherapy regimen includes Trastuzumab(once every 3 weeks), Paclitaxel (every week) and Zoledronic acid (every month).

I am having side effects like motions, vomiting sensations, have lost my hair.

I want to know what is GATA 3 + because my oncologist did not properly explain to me and I feel quite week and I am unable to go to another oncologist.

Hence thought of reaching out in this group to find out if other friends in this group might know. I googled GATA 3 but I did not understand as they were medical terminologies which I do not understand.

I will be grateful for information provided.

Kindly let me know if I can be of any help.