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Breast needle biopsy to blame?

anniepnw Member Posts: 23

It might be a long shot but I wanted to see if anyone ever had a similar experience with a breast needle biopsy. Mine was done over a month ago and confirmed the IDC (my DMX to flat is set for early Feb). One of three biopsy sites on the right breast sits at about 7-8 o'clock. No issues until now. I had an appointment with three Drs. on Tuesday this week, and each one gave me a thorough exam, meaning prodded and squeezed though nothing radical. Fast forward to yesterday, and that side of the breast started feeling sensitive. Fast forward to this morning and now it's hurting, ~4 on the 1-10 scale - all over the area from 7 to 11 o'clock. The best I can describe it, it feels like an inflamed clogged duct from my breastfeeding days (not doing it now, of course), and this area is slightly swollen and the skin is a little pinkish. No fever, no discharge, I feel ok overall. I called two different sets of doctors in two hospitals (my breast surgeon in one and my oncologist in the other), sent them photos, and was told by both it was a delayed response to the biopsy (a month later??) and to keep taking Advil and go to the ER over the weekend if it's getting worse. Seeing the breast surgeon on Mon for pre-op but this is freaking me out a little. Plus yes, it's painful and I'd like it to go away. The oncologist told me me that no, this is not cancer spreading quickly; thanks for that, and yes there are no masses in this area. But then what the heck is it??


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,063

    Hi anniepnw, The delayed pain could be caused by scar tissue which developed after the biopsy pressing on nerves. At your appointment have the surgeon check that there's no infection and take comfort in the fact that it won't be there after your surgery. I hope your pre-op appointment goes well!

  • lillyishere
    lillyishere Member Posts: 775

    I had simiar situation. I was a hematoma created at the biopsy site.

  • jonesd01
    jonesd01 Member Posts: 13

    I had a hematoma as well - also caused the mri done after the biopsy to show the tumor as much larger than it actually was - the mri didnt distinguish the hematoa from the tumor - nice news when pathology revealed actual tumor much smaller.

  • anniepnw
    anniepnw Member Posts: 23

    Thank you, ladies. Whatever it was, it slowly fixed itself up. It hurt a little less on Sat by the end of the day Sunday, the pain was gone though the site still felt sensitive. The surgeon never gave it a second thought, "They'll be gone soon anyway." (DMX in a week)