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Single MX and matching natural breast

ruby216 Member Posts: 22
edited February 2023 in Breast Reconstruction


I have single MX surgery coming up on 2/9. I think I was still shell shocked when I met with my plastic surgeon, so I can't remember what he said about how he'll augment my natural breast to match the reconstructed side. I am an A cup. Can anyone tell me what is likely going to be done to kinda beef it up to match? I'm not going drastically larger or anything, it's just that the implant will be much more full looking than my natural side. Thanks for any info you might be able to share!


  • onlygirlof5
    onlygirlof5 Member Posts: 27

    Hi ruby216,

    Your signature line indicates a tissue expander will be placed. I assume this is occurring at the time of the MX. Do you expect to have a second surgery where the reconstruction surgery takes place on another date or does your surgeon plan to conduct reconstruction immediately?

    I had 2 surgeries: the unilateral MX of the left breast with tissue expander placement and a reconstruction surgery. I had to spend several months going through tissue expansion and then a resting period. My second surgery was to place the implant. In my case, the reconstruction was done to match my right side as I chose not to have any surgery to my right breast.

  • meow13
    meow13 Member Posts: 1,363

    I had left side non skin sparing mastectomy in 2011 and a DIEP in 2012, my surgeon did a matching lift on right side.

    Everything looks great even 10 years later, I didn't have an implant. The skin from abdomen matches perfectly both sides match really well.