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Mammograms! I hate going for Mammograms.

lola12 Member Posts: 16
edited February 2023 in Stage I Breast Cancer

I dont think there is anything that freaks me out more than my yearly mammogram. The fear is overwhelming even though I have had 11 years of normal mammograms after my stage 1 breast cancer. It is incredible how something so life saving can simply cause immense stress and anxiety for me.Chalk up the shortage of mammogram technicians, I have a three week wait for the appointment.

Any suggestions? Any one feel the same? If so, how do you cope?

I suppose wine would help :)



  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,945

    Would it help you to think of mammograms as routine preventive maintenance, like taking your car in for oil and filter changes? That works for me, along with other imaging.

  • shipanikra
    shipanikra Member Posts: 11

    I just had my second mammogram yesterday from finishing treatment. I feel like I was handled pretty roughly and I am still really sore today. She took a lot of photos too probably three times as many as I had last time, last year I only had 4 taken, I even asked her if the protocol had changed and she said no. Yesterday I dealt with sharp stinging from my left breast nipple (the one that had cancer). and today my left breast is swelling more (lympth) I have had a lot of mammograms in the last 20 years and especially since breast cancer and I have never hurt this bad nor felt like I was being miss treated.