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Post Lumpectomy Breast Changes

breastcancerpartner Member Posts: 26

Has anyone experienced any changes in breast appearance post Lumpectomy. Like darkening of nipple and peau d'orange appearance? Is it normal and expected?


  • mountainmia
    mountainmia Member Posts: 857

    The breast will change in a variety of ways after surgery. If you have concerns, you really need to speak with your surgeon. Good luck.

  • morwenna
    morwenna Member Posts: 204

    It is not unusual to have a reduction in lymph drainage in the are following surgery to the breastband lymph nodes. Swelling in the breast often results in dimpling and there can be a dusky colour or even mild redness and warmth.

    *If infection has been ruled out* this can be addressed quite effectively by manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) techniques. Here's quite a good video showing how to do this.

    Bear in mind it should be done on bare skin and she looks a bit heavy-handed. The pressure of your hand is "like stroking a kitten", or just enough pressure to move the skin, as you are trying to stimulate very superficial vessels that are easily compressed.

    I was a UK trained physiotherapist, and specialized in oncology rehab and lymphedema following my own breast cancer treatment in Canada.

  • morwenna
    morwenna Member Posts: 204

    Sorry, a couple typos in my message, but a firewall blocked me when I tried to edit! 🙄🙂