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Burning and itching near old incision site after recent injury.

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I had a skin sparing bmx about 4 years ago, and had pre pec silicone implants placed shortly thereafter. I have not had any issues with pain in the region since the removal of my port, a few months after the exchage surgery for the implants. Only the occasional unscratchable internal itch and some aching from cold. The bmx caused loss of sensation to touch in part of the upper portion and axillary side of my breasts, but I have near normal sensation in the lower half, inside perimeter, and I believe much of my chest wall.

About 2 weeks ago, I may have pulled my pec muscle on the side I had the cancer on. I say "may have" because I recall lifting an item and feeling like I mildly over strained the muscle, but at the time, I didn't feel much pain and the discomfort was mild and resolved quickly. A few days later, however, I woke up feeling like I did shortly after my surgeries and similarly limited. The muscle is very obviously injured, as is my shoulder/back on that side, and I feel it when I try to move in certain ways, but in conjuction with that, I've had a near constant burning and itching and around the bmx incision site on that side. Has anyone experienced anything similar?


  • hope70
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    I am experiencing the same what you described for a two weeks now and very worried . Can you tell me how long did it last for you and what was the outcome?thanks