Resuming Pump After Cellulitis?

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I developed lymphedema in 2016 despite only having 3 nodes removed. I've evaded cellulitis until last week. My swelling & redness have improved significantly at the one week mark, but my armpit is still quite tender. What have others done in terms of resuming use of the Flexi Touch pump? I will double check with my oncologist, but am curious about the experience of others.

Thx, Lyn


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    Updating my comment in case someone searches the topic, my oncologist recommended not resuming the pump until the pain and redness receded. The pain, which felt simar to the cocklebur under the skin pain from my post-lumpectomy seroma, went away within two weeks. The skin on that arm still looks reddish compared to the other arm, but the heat dissipated so I suspect it's permanent "staining."


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    Thanks for updating with this follow-up, Lyn!

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    Of course! 🙂