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Full on canyon like dimpling freaking out

buzzybee86 Member Posts: 1
edited February 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

A few months ago I started experiencing some pain, chalked it up to hormones. It persisted and worsened, then started being accompanied by what felt like an upcoming ingrown hair or something under the surface of my armpit but nothing ever came up. Now all of that continues with the added bonus of a full on canyon from my armpit down the side of my right breast. Went to the doc was put in for an ultrasound and mammogram. I was flagged for the cancelation list so my appointment gets moved up if possible. Currently scheduled for 3/8/23. I've tried not to google much because I would only feel myself out but the diagram of the breast in the doctors office showed a string of lymphnodes in the same spot my canyon is in. So Im already decently concerned. I dont even know what to ask. And its so super hard to describe but I dont want to break any rules by posting a picture. I guess just knowing if anyone else has a similar story maybe?