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I’m back

elamom Member Posts: 37
edited February 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi everyone,

I seem to post once a year or every couple years as I have issues after my screenings. I'm 39, extremely dense breasts. My mom had bc twice in her thirties, so I'm decently at risk.

Last year I had a fast growing fibroadenoma removed from the right breast. They couldn't rule out a phyllodes tumor so they also took margins to be safe.
I had my scans done this week, and while the right breast is ok, there is now an issue with the left and the breast surgeon is recommending I have an mri. She said there is shadowing behind the nipple of that breast. She showed me the image, and it is taller than wide which I know is less favorable. Because of the density she said they cannot see well enough to know what it is, hence the mri.

I guess I'm just wondering what else could cause shadowing on an ultrasound? I've never had a biopsy or anything done on that breast.

The surgeon also discussed prophylactic mastectomy with me which may be something I chose to do in the near future…we will see