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Lump between collarbone and breast

kr124 Member Posts: 8
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While rubbing some lotion on a new psoriasis plaque I founf a lump between my breast and my collarbone. Kind of an oblong c shape. About 1" above top of my breast, 2" below collarbone. Thought it was one bump, then two bumps, but on feeling around it seems to connect by my sternum. It seems large to be a lymph node (or 2). Main lump about a quarter size, extending out towards my armpit but gets smaller as it goes. Hard, immovable and painless. Main lump is visible if I pull my shoulders back. I remember feeling a very small slightly raised area there a year or two ago, but I didn't give it much thought then, was very small. Mammo & Ultrasounds have been normal. Have had them every 6 months for 3 years, they wanted to monitor assymetries, even after a benign biopsy (also on the right side). Last October they decided it was probably overlappIng tissue.

Recently noticed the right breast looks much fuller on the inside when I bend over, with the nipple looking like it moved south and points out to the side straight towards my armpit - I just figured it was old age and gravity (49 & post menopause), especially since nothing has been found in the manmos or ultrasounds.

Called my doctor who wants to see me asap and is putting in an order for tests already. Has anyone experienced similar? Does it sound like something that could be concerning? I never thought of that area as potential for breast cancer until she mentioned the of course now I'm feeling a bit worried 😟


  • kr124
    kr124 Member Posts: 8

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