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First mammogram. Biopsy next week. Freaking out and so worried

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edited February 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi. My name is Terrah. I had my first mammogram Tuesday as I'm over 40.

Called back Wednesday. They found a mass right breast. US done that day. Radiologist recommends biopsy. I scheduled this for next Thursday. I'm freaking out as the word "hypoechoetic" was used in US report. Has anyone had similar findings and turned out to be benign? I'll post mammo in report and then US report.


on Noce: There are intramammary limon nodas seen in both bresets

cal Finding

vignal breast tomosyninesis images were oblained and reviewed.

computer-aded delection cAU was used in the interpretation of this mannograr


10 mm richt breast mass. Recommend targeted bresst u trasound for lurther charscterization.

BI-RADS ATLAS category (left): 2 - Benign

AlLAS calegory nomi. o - Incomptele. veeds Acaitonal imaging


Terrah A Bass is a 41 y.o. female and is seen for MASS. Surgical history includes bilateral breast enhancement, 2012 (Saline, Retro). History of breast cancer in cousin.


Compared to: 02/21/2023 Breast Imaging Screening Mammogram w/Implants



No tissue composition recorded.

US Breast Limited Right


1) Mass: There is an 11 mm x 7 mm x 11 mm oval, parallel, hypochoic mass with circumscribed margins seen in the retroareolar region of the right breast at 11 o'clock, 1 cm from the nipple. The mass correlates with the prior mammogram finding.

Morphologically normal right axillary lymph nodes are seen.


11 mm right breast mass. Recommend ultrasound-guided biopsy for histologic correlation.

BI-RADS® ATLAS category (right): 4 - Suspicious

4A - Low Suspicion for Malignancy


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    Spookiesmom, LOL! I actually did retire in February. I t wasn’t when or how I had planned but it ended up being the perfect time and my last day of work, celebrating with friends/co-workers, couldn’t have been more perfect!

    As for dog, that might happen, but I must put iton hold. My DH is 13 yrs older and his health is declining. I am taking him to see a neurologist next week. His cardiologist referred him. Once we know how that goes, we can move forward.

    But, I do have a new “grand dog,” a Berndoodle rescue pup, now around 70 pounds, but super gentle and sweet. So if I miss having a dog too much, a quick visit to see my DD gives me a puppy fix and I get to see my grandkids!❤️

  • cookie54
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    (((Wally))). Bummer about the increasing intraocular pressure--here's hoping that the glaucoma doesn't progress. Glad you didn't have a retinal detachment, though. What led to my R eye dx of ocular melanoma was a huge floater in my L eye, caused by a slight vitreous detachment that sent me to our longtime family friend, a retinologist, who dilated both eyes and found the "OM." I'm a fellow member of the "watch & wait club:" eye scans & exams 4x/yr, twice yearly MO visits & liver MRIs, and now the MGUS (though the heme-onc says it's the lowest value she's ever seen).

    Heidi is getting ever more vocal and clingier, though she seems to be eating better for me than for my HK (her "second mama"). The little white-ringed furry blob on her forehead now appears to be just a mat (which she won't let me brush). She does increasingly have head tremors (momentary petit mal seizures?) and her hearing is fading--but otherwise robust for an 18+-yr-old. Whenever she's not eating, sleeping, peeing, pooping, lying in the sunshine atop the loveseat, she's kneading on me and giving me face rubs while she purrs. And around this time of night she still nags me to come up to bed so she can tuck me in.

    Breakfast was a frozen Jimmy Dean "Egg'wich:" a chicken sausage patty & slice of cheese between two mini-omelettes as a "bun." Not bad, and rather filling.

    Dinner was "Mom's Chicken Soup" (with carrots) from WF; a mesclun salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes and a homemade Dijon vinaigrette; steamed asparagus with lemon & olive oil; quinoa; and miso-marinated seared Icelandic cod loin. I bought only 1/2 lb. because it was so expensive; had it not been so rich and I didn't have all those sides I might have wanted to buy a pound. (Hooked on Fish gives only an 8-or-16-oz. choice for online ordering--I could get a 10 or 12-oz. piece in person at the store, but they usually don't have any more on hand than was ordered online. They announce each week's catch on Saturday, and often don't know what they'll be able to get till Friday afternoon). I did pre-order 4 pieces of gefilte fish for Tuesday pickup--it'll be just the two of us for Seder, and it's also fairly costly, several times as much as the jarred mass-market stuff (which, like Twinkies, has a half-life instead of a shelf-life).

    We wanted to go to Obelix tomorrow, which just got a James Beard Award nomination and a "Top 10" nod in Chicago magazine, but the only slot they had left was 9:45 pm. (Bob gets home about 5:30 tomorrow, and has an early morning on Friday). So we're going to Jose Andres' Bazaar Meat downtown--it too was in that Top 10. Not sure if we'll do a la carte or one of the two tasting menus. I'll be driving (valet is cheaper than cabs), so no wine pairings--one glass will have to do for my entire meal.

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    Just found out that I have developed superficial thrombophlebitis/Mondors cords- I have 2 cords right under the skin (can see them if I place hand behind head and stretch). They are very tender to the touch but not noticable unless I stretch. Had BMX in Feb 2023 with TE placement. The pain has been there for several weeks but I just recently saw the cording. I started taking ibuprofen and applying heating pad. Just hoping this goes away soon. How long does it take to resolve?

    Thank you

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,944

    I can only imagine the anxiety and stress you are feeling. I have had major health anxiety for many years. I luckily no longer have it but I totally understand it. I would strongly suggest you get whatever testing you need to put this to rest. Thelikelihood of breast cancer is small but it has become a living breathing monster in your mind.

    Hopefully, then you can release some of your stress and have the strength the help your mom. Good luck to you.