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Unusual ultrasound report

magicpie Member Posts: 5

First Mammogram (age 40) required a call back because of finding in left axilla. Ultrasound performed a week later and this was the outcome. I understand the BIRADS rating, but this is very confusing. What is a large fluid filled area? I can feel fluctuating lump (soft, no skin changes) on the my left side extending to the back.


No abnormal lymph nodes were identified. There is an irregularly-shaped fluid collection that is in

the left axilla but also extends posteriorly to the posterior axillary line. The shape makes it

difficult to give complete measurement, but this has AP extension of at least 6-7 cm. These sites

in the more axillary portion is about 4.4 x 1.5 x 3.6 cm. The cause of this finding is uncertain

although it currently appears benign. I believe this fluid collection accounts for the mammographic

appearance. I am not aware of any history that would explain this finding.

BI-RADS Category 3 - Probably benign


Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound of the Left breast in 2 month.


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    (((Petite))), love that "memory cat."

    OK, as for the Passover foods I mentioned (Karen, Caryn/exbronxgrl, Cardplayer, Judy, please bear with me):

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    Now, my secret to a fluffy matzo ball is "faux-leavening:" separate the eggs, using only the yolk as a binder, seltzer instead of water, and then beating the whites to almost stiff and folding them in just before you shape the batter into balls--and do it very, very gently, just like Southern grandmas knead their biscuit dough.

    Matzo (pronounced Mott-za) is an unleavened bread made from wheat (white or whole) or spelt flour. The dough is "docked" (pierced) to prevent rising. There is a type of Passover matzo, used for traditional Seders (the ritual dinners on the 1st & 2d nights), called "shmura," which means "guarded." Every step of the process--from grinding the grain to mixing to rolling the dough to baking--is watched over by a ritually authorized observant male; and the whole process from mixing to putting the dough into the oven must take less than 18 minutes, lest the ambient yeasts do their thing. The oven's heat will kill the ambient yeasts before they can proliferate and cause rising.

    I'm one of the relatively few people who actually likes a good matzo. It can be terribly binding, though. During the Seder, the leader holds up a piece of matzo and declares "this is the bread of affliction." My late boss always used to respond, "the affliction in question being constipation."


  • magicpie
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    Coming out of lurkerhood to say that two acquaintances from church recently had shoulder replacement surgery, and they're thrilled. Both of them say that the surgery has reduced so much of their pain, their QOL has been seriously improved. One is a rancher who is very active, and he's now able to do more things on his property as a result. Hope you have the same results!

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 616

    mavericksmo, now that your breast tissue is gone, why do you think you may have a recurrence in your chest muscles? It seems that you had 3 different BC and your breast, like ours in this forum are BC-producing factories. It seems that in your case, you have found it early.

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    For folks who don't visit the forum 24/7, or even weekly, it is pertinent information so we can help them save their Favorites and Private Messages. Again, if the thread is not serving you, please feel free to block it.

  • magicpie
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    Great news Goldens so glad to hear!

    Mel glad to hear your coming around also.

    Mara sounds like you have been getting some nice walks in. It was a nice day today here bright sunshine upper 50's so I also got a nice long walk in. Thank God my HFS hasn't been too bad, fingers crossed it stays this way.

    Sunshine love the dish scrubbie! A friend at work gave me one that her mom made and I love mine. I like to craft but lately running out of things to make.

    HI to all here and hope everyone else is doing ok.

  • alicebastable
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    Anne, we want you to know that you've been an incredible and integral part to this Community and so very helpful to so very many members. We know this decision is difficult and we send you peace, love, and light as you navigate this new journey.

    With much gratitude for your participation and service here. It does not go unnoticed, and you've made a tremendous impact on thousands of lives, including ours. Thank you.

    <3 The Team

    •. And from Melissa personally: Anne, it was such a pleasure to meet you multiple times over the years, advocating strongly. I so admire your tenacity, intelligence and compassion as you've helped thousands of others, advocating and educating fiercely, while managing your own battle with MBC. Our lives will forever be better because you've been part of it. Thank you for your service and genuineness. Wishing you peace and love Medicating

  • magicpie
    magicpie Member Posts: 5

    My PCP has referred me to a breast surgeon to get the fluid aspirated. She said they have their own ultrasound and will aspirate/take fluid sample. Is this typical or is this proceduredone by the radiologist?

  • maggie15
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    Hi magicpie, It depends on the hospital. In some places a radiologist does the aspiration but in others a surgeon performs the procedure. When I was having an ultrasound my breast surgeon showed up and took over since she wanted to get a good look at the area rather than rely on images taken by someone else. There seems to be some fluidity in medical roles.