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Hardness or lump on excission site after excision biopsy

cedmch Member Posts: 6
edited March 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hey everyone! Been following this community for a while. It's really uplifting to know I am not alone.

Found my lump early 2022, i was still breastfeeding then. I stopped bfing May 2022 because i was thinking my lump grew from a marble to a jackfruit seed. After weaning, i was a bit engorged but no mastitis but it was clogged and cysts formed. They were solid lumps but movable. Decided to check on it, coz i think it was growing. Doctor did ultrasound and recommended surgery since they are movable but hard, because they found 2 multiple breast mass.

Just had my surgery last week, 1 week post op today and waiting for the biopsy result is very depressing. Been suffering with anxiety since. But I've been constantly praying and hoping, been trying to divert my worries. I have a concern on the site where the doctor removed my 2 lumps, also the incision site, they felt hard. Tender, firm. They a bit swollen though. It seemed lumps grew back. Now I'm down and terrified. Really anxious right now. Been putting ice pack for a little relief. Im afraid this could be something... What if it recurred? God forbid. I am worried sick right now, i have to make appointment to go back to my surgeon. Waiting for result is hard. Anyone on the similar situation? Does lumps grew back after surgery if lumps removed are abnormal?? Hope someone sees this.


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 924

    Hi cedmch, You are only a week out from the excisional biopsy so there is still swelling and scar tissue forming. That would explain why the area feels hard. Whatever was removed would not have grown back. Ice packs are a good idea to help the swelling and pain. Hopefully you will get the biopsy results soon. If you have other questions about how it is healing you should ask the surgeon. Best wishes for benign results.

  • cedmch
    cedmch Member Posts: 6

    thank you for your well wishes. you're very reassuring 🥺 tbh i was really worried. this is a first time it happened... ive been applying ice pack 3 x a day now and noticed after application, would really feel a short pang of pain, then it goes away. hope this is part of healing process. i hope you are doing well! thank u xoxo