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Scheduling annual screening while going through 3D mammo?

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Hello everyone,
I am having a hard time finding my old post to copy/paste some info to give a background, so I will try to keep it short and try to explain my situation.
My annual screening in Feb 2022 resulted in some abnormal findings on my right breast. So, I had couple of follow up and biopsy that revealed more findings and most of them were benign expect for one mucocele like lesion. I was advised to go for excision biopsy/surgery to remove that lesion but the surgeon was also open to follow up in 6 months as it was a small lesion.
In between I had to move and the six month follow up extended to 9 months and the new imaging center in another state completely messed up(long story) and there was no proper report expect for a follow up order this March. Anyway I will going to see my PCP coming week and I will be getting the referral sent to a different imaging center for the follow up diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound of my right breast.
Now since it's been a year, I am also due for my annual screening. I don't know how to ask for a referral for an annual screening(at least for left breast) along with my diagnostic mammogram. How do you all get the screening done if you have been following up with only diagnostic for just one breast. Do I make two different appointments so that the insurance will cover the full annual screening appointment and then I pay the difference after coverage for the diagnostic mammogram of my right breast?
Please help me understand how it is taken care. I am afraid of not getting the left breast checked while all the focus is on my right breast for past year. Thank you for any information and guidance.


  • mavericksmom
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    My experience of 20 years and three different diagnoses of breast cancer is that the screening vs diagnostic is viewed differently by insurance companies. Screening is normally covered, diagnostic (which has more/ closer views) coverage depends on your insurance.

    Call your insurance company and/or doctor who ordered your script. I never heard of anyone having one breast diagnostic and the other one screening.

    I would guess you should have diagnostic which over rides the screening mammogram

    Hope this helps.