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Unable to complete ultrasound core biopsy

plata1989 Member Posts: 4

I am wondering if there is anyone else who can relate. I have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE nipples and am unable to tolerate breast exams. I can barely manage to get through a mammogram. I had a mammogram in January that showed calcifications in the left breast subareolar area. I was called back for a diagnostic mammogram which I completed, however had I known they were going to compress my left nipple/areolar I would of refused. Immediately afterwards they wanted to do a ultrasound so I reluctantly agreed and cried during the very limited procedure. The tech brought in the radiologist and he wanted to scan but I refused. I have a 20x8x8mm spiculated hypoechoic left breast mass with calcifications. The radiologist talked to me about needing to do a biopsy. The nurse at the clinic said my doctor could prescribe valium and that might help me get through it. I know I am high risk due to my age and my Mom having breast cancer so I agreed. Two weeks later I went in for the procedure, took the valium, signed the consent and waited for the valium to work. I felt NOTHING from the valium and completely freaked out when the doctor tried to numb the area. Of course the procedure was cancelled and the nurse at the clinic made an appt with me to see a general surgeon. Saw a woman general surgeon on March 7th who was very nice and I liked immediately. She had reviewed my mammograms and scans said she was worried that I might have a malignancy and strongly suggested I needed to have the mass removed. She went to do the breast exam but I ended up pushing her hand away. I said the only way I would consent to a biopsy is if they put me completely under for the ultrasound localization and marking of the skin. They were able to arrange the localization with ultrasound in the OR once I was under anesthesia and then she would immediately proceed with the excision. This is scheduled for April 14th and I am still extremely nervous. I feel so ashamed that it has to be done this way. Does anyone else have the extreme sensitivity to the nipple/areolar? THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!


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    Oh plata1989 , we're so sorry to hear how difficult the scanning/testing is for you. The most important thing is that you get the tests and the biopsy completed, regardless of how. Many people have great sensitivity. It's not unusual. Good for you for taking the next step.

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 703
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    I wish I could take away your shame.

    You aren't choosing to have this challenge/reaction. This isn't your fault.

    Instead of feeling ashamed, I wish you could feel proud.

    Despite the fact that this is so much more difficult for you than it would be for others, you did not give up. You kept trying and kept advocating for yourself and found a physician who will work for you so you can get the medical care you need.

    I think that many many people give up on potentially live saving medical care because they are not able to do what you did.

  • kaynotrealname
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    I'm going to echo Salamandra here. There are quite a few people I know who have anxiety or weird body issues and refuse to get proper care and make preventative appointments because of that. My mother was one. Her veins rolled horribly so getting her blood drawn hurt way more than usual and we all know how uncomfortable it is with normal anatomy. So she never went to the doctors for any regular preventative care. So when she was diagnosed with cancer she died seven weeks later because it was so advanced. It wasn't breast cancer by the way so don't think that can happen to you! But you chose to do differently despite your sensitivity! Sure you're uncomfortable, scared, and in pain but you are doing the right thing and investigating what's going on. You should be proud of yourself. Not ashamed. Doing the right thing despite overwhelming fear is the very definition of bravery.

  • plata1989
    plata1989 Member Posts: 4
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    Thank you Salamandra and Kaynotrealname for your kind words. I am still hoping to find someone that has the same problem. I have no fear with medical procedures like shots, IVs, etc but my nipples, oh my gosh!