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Waiting again

bennybear Member Posts: 244
edited April 13 in Waiting for Test Results

just had another biopsy a week ago, so on pins and needles to see if my life has changed yet again. The radiologist said that with my history they want to be sure. I agree, but just afraid I’m off down the rabbit hole again! Praying for benign.


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 6,965
    edited April 12

    Oh bennybear, we're so very sorry to hear of this recent concern. It is never easy to be down the cancer road once, let alone twice, only to be continuously concerned and having biopsies. We're sending good thoughts your way. We hope you get answers soon. Please keep us posted!


    --The Mods

  • lotusconnie1999
    lotusconnie1999 Member Posts: 39
    edited April 13


    It must be hard to deal with the waiting. I am waiting for my biopsy in 3 weeks.

    Your past findings were early stage and hormonal receptor status good, to my understanding.

    Try to talk to yourself and us here.

  • mavericksmom
    mavericksmom Member Posts: 963
    edited April 13

    Bennybear, as someone who had breast cancer three times, the last being diagnosed Aug of 2022, I would say either way, you will get through this!

    Having breast cancer three times didn't make me an expert, it was like having breast cancer for the first time, three times.

    I am wondering why it is taking them so long to give you the results, although both my first and second dx took a week. This last time I was told in three days.

    Like you, mine were all caught early. Hopefully your results will be benign!

    Feel free to PM me anytime!

  • bennybear
    bennybear Member Posts: 244
    edited April 13

    I really appreciate the replies and hand holding! Got the results this morning, Easter holidays added a day. It is IDC again with neuroendocrine features. So unsure if it is a new cancer or recurrence as it is contra lateral. Will see surgeon tomorrow.

    yes, lotus connie it looks early, so that's good as I am followed regularly.

    @mavericks mom, thanks, I know I'll get through it, was just hoping not to. A double edged sword when you know the drill. Was hoping third time lucky. Appreciate the offer to PM.

    So at least I know, thanks again!

  • lotusconnie1999
    lotusconnie1999 Member Posts: 39
    edited April 13

    Big hugs to bennybear!!! It’s easier said than facing it directly - focus on the positive side that it’s caught early!!! You will be fine…hug



  • bennybear
    bennybear Member Posts: 244

    news wasn’t good, but it was early thankfully