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Really worried about lump in breast

michen31 Member Posts: 1
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I’m 31 years old with no family history of breast cancer but my grandmother had ovarian cancer. Last week I found a firm round lump underneath my areola by my nipple. It is apparently 1.5cm and it feels like it only moves side to side and is fixed into the tissue. I went to the GP and she found the lump but didn’t really give any assurance and said it could be many things but she needs to rule out breast cancer. I’m booked in for an appointment at the breast clinic next Thursday but I’m really upset and scared. I also found the referral noted and she ticked the ‘likely breast cancer’ red section of the form for a two week referral which has made me more anxious. Is there any chance it isn’t cancer or does it seem it is


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    Hello, michen3, and welcome to! We are sorry that these changes to your breast health have brought you here, but glad you found us! Although it is wise to get breast lumps checked, especially in younger women, most breast lumps are benign. Until other members post with their own experiences and support, the article What Mammograms Show: Cysts, Calcifications, Fibroadenomas from the main site may reassure you until your appointment next Thursday.

    Hope this helps! Let us now what yuo learn next week!

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  • maggie15
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    michen31, Your doctor may have checked that box to make sure your insurance would pay for the mammogram or to get you a quicker appointment so that you don't have to worry so long. There is no way of knowing without going through the testing process. I hope it all works out well.

  • exbrnxgrl
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    This is an anxious time. Waiting always is. Imaging is a good tool but not perfect by any means . Imaging alone does not constitute a diagnosis and that is why you’re having a biopsy. Please don’t try to read into the future as I’ve never known anyone with a working crystal ball. Focus on what you know and don’t stress or speculate over what is not known yet. This isn’t easy to do but worth practicing. Take care