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Issues years later

girlfighter Member Posts: 1

I wanted to ask and see if anyone else might have had this issue. I am status post surgery with reconstruction a little over 3 1/2 years. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction using implants (silicone). The tumor was in my chest wall, so my plastic surgeon took rib muscle from both sides and made a platform on my left side for the implant to sit on. He also did an internal bra to help with placement of the implants. Recently I sat up in bed and used my arms to push up, I thought I felt a pulling sensation on my left side. (The side that had cancer and lymph node removal). After I had a fluid pocket in the lower part of my armpit/rib area. It now feels like my implant moves further over toward my armpit with I lay on my back. When I use my left arm for certain motions now, it just feels off. Since I am pretty much completely numb in that area, I cant really feel anything other than I know it is different. I can wear a sports bra and the fluid with subside. I scheduled an appointment with my breast surgeon, she felt the area and felt that something did feel different, so she looked at the area with an ultrasound, but it was hazy on both sides. So I am having an MRI in a few weeks, but just wondered if anyone else has had this issue or something similar.