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Privacy and Security Tips


Help keep our community safe, and protect your own privacy and security by not submitting personally identifiable information in posts, discussions, or in your biography. Also, be cautious when sharing personal details in private messages. Review our Privacy Statement here.

  • All posts and screen names are searchable using Google and other search engines. Although Private Message content is not searchable, everything you post in public can be read by others.
  • For your username, don't use your real name or recognizable nickname. When posting, don't share your address/es, phone number/s, workplace or school, names of kids or pets, or any other detail that can specifically identify you to an imaginative searcher.
  • If you originally registered using your real name, you can change it anytime. Learn how.
  • If you want to share personal information with members you know and trust, do so only using the Private Message function.
  • To protect your privacy consider using a profile image (Avatar) that's not a picture of you. Learn how to change your profile image.

Members use pictures of flowers, animals, mythological creatures, as well as monograms and many other visuals. Or make a representative Avatar, like a Memoji or Bitmoji.

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