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Fibromyalgia & DCIS


Last Friday, April 28, 2023, I was diagnosed with microinvasive ductal carcinoma as a result of high grade DCIS in my right breast. I have fibromyalgia and have been extremely fatigued on and off for several months. I don’t take meds for fibro as I manage it with acupuncture and myofascial massage therapy. I had a biopsy done on 4/27 and felt little pain during the biopsy but have been struggling days afterward with pain in my right arm, arm pit, sore chest, etc. is anyone else living with fibromyalgia and BC and how are you coping with pain? I am newly diagnosed and completing more diagnostic tests but would love to hear what others are doing to cope with the pain prior to treatments and surgery.


  • marvies
    marvies Member Posts: 21

    Hello Suncris,

    I’m sorry about your diagnosis, I remember the first couple of weeks were some of the hardest.

    I was diagnosed almost two years ago and I too have been battling fibromyalgia for the last ten years, in addition to MS. I don’t take any medication for fibromyalgia either and like you had some success with Myofascial release and cranio sacral therapy. My pain is mostly in my neck, upper back and shoulders, and of course the awful fatigue. Interesting enough I had very little pain during and after surgery (lumpectomy) and also not much pain during four weeks of radiation. I think I was in such a shock that my body went into survival mode or something.
    Now after being on letrozole for over 18 months the daily pain is getting hard to handle. My surgery site is numb and tingling but according to my physical therapist I do not have lymphedema. I have started gentle yoga and daily walking and it helps a bit. I do feel that anxiety makes the pain worse so I am still trying to get that under control without meds but I am pretty much failing there. I wish I could offer better advice.

    I hope you have a great medical team and that your treatment plan will be in place soon. Sending gentle hugs and best wishes.

  • suncris
    suncris Member Posts: 5

    Hi marvies. Thank you for sharing. I’ve tried walking more but my entire body aches. Just trying to find what works. I agree about the anxiety. That and stress certainly compound the pain. Right now I am focusing on one day at a time. Compartmentalizing is helping me to not feel so overwhelmed. I am still having diagnostic tests done and my first oncology appointment is at the end of this month. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way as you continue to heal.