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Hello all.

I am actually writing on behalf of my best friend. She has metastatics breast cancer, Im sure hers is lobular. She has been living with it for 10 years. 5 years ago it spread to her peritoneal lining. Estrogen blockers & a chemo type pill kept it at bay, but it has become resistant to them.

She has had one type of chemo recently which at first made her markers go down but then stopped doing its thing. She has recurrent ascites, it is malignant. It needs to get drained every 3 weeks. She has changed chemo & after 3 rounds her markers are going down again which is great but she is still getting the ascites.

The cancer is not in any organs or her lymphatic system at present.

If anyone has been through this could they please help me understand if the chemo is working, why does the ascites keep coming back?

She is in good spirits and the latest chemo is not causing any real side effects.

Thank you all for your time. I love my bestie & want to be as informed as possible.